Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Fashions!

I am so excited ! We are at market right now picking up more hot fall fashion! Oh, If i could just package you up and bring you here to shop with me! Imagine being surrounded by all the hottest and latest fashions in jeans, shirts, and accesories before anyone else sees them! These clothes are cuter than ever! We're working hard to bring you what's in style now for great prices! Can't wait for you to come by and see what's in stock.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I am a new Contagious shopper! :) I just wanted to say that we visited your store in QC yesterday and both my sister, my niece, and I enjoyed shopping there! I am a HUGE fan of unique and boutique fashion and I'm SO thrilled to have found a place near home to shop for fabulous finds. I'm looking forward to seeing all the new fall faves! Thank you for bringing contagious to QC...I'll be spreading the word! :) - Sarah Gray

Jerah said...

We love to hear this Sara and if you ever want to have a Contagious party at your house ask about it when you are in shopping next. We love to hear of great experiences! Send people are way!

Anonymous said...

I am also a new Contagious shopper and I would love to host a party at my house. I have already talked to so many girls who are interested after seeing the adorable jeans I bought! I'll check up on the blog but if you want to email me, feel free :)


thanks! hope to hear from you soon!