Thursday, January 28, 2010

We like to Party!!

We just got done with our party of a photo shoot with all of our hot new items!! With our prices, you can FILL UP your shopping bag!!! And if you thought our items in-store rocked, book a on-the-go party and we will bring stuff that hasn't even hit the shelves yet! PLUS-if you are the hostess, your party comes with free items just for you! Hope you enjoyed these awesome photo's by amy fraughton photography. Come party with us before we run our of our cute jeans!!


Anonymous said...

Cute clothes!!! Can we order stuff online?? I live in Utah and I absolutely love your items:)
Thanks, Josie

Glitterbox said...

hi there. you can order if you will call the store with the things you like online and we will grab them and ship them if we still have your size. call 480-615-0110 and ask for Jerah. Thanks we like this stuff too. So much FUN!